How to Choose Your Vintage Wedding Shoes

Conventional wedding shoes are white, satin, medium or high heel; this is because most of the wedding dresses are white, satin-like material and long. This is usually the case with vintage wedding shoes However, some people want to be unique. In fact, nowadays most people want their weddings to have a vibe of uniqueness. Just because the majority are going to the white shoes and the white dress does not mean that you do the same. You can choose a themed dress which has become popular in these days.  If you want to know the varieties, just watch him wedding TV shows for some inspiration.


 If you want to have a traditional style but vintage wedding, you can go with an off-white long gown with a more extended train, an old wedding car or a horse and carriage. In such a case, you need to choose a different kind of shoes.


There exist a wide variety of vintage wedding shoes in the market. They are named by famous designers such as Fillip Scot and Rachael Simpson. They resemble the typical wedding dress but are rich in style, vintage embellishments that makes them so unique. These vintage shoes are not while but tend to be silver, teal, mink, and ivory.  If you want white, you can get it at as well. 


The vintage bridal shoe designs vary a lot depending on the era. There are styles from the 1920s,  1930s, 1940, Victorian, Edwardian and Hollywood. You can get the shoes in high, medium and flat heels depending on the designer and era.  If you want an extra touch, attach the shoe clips that appear to be made of pearls and diamonds. An eye-catching sparkle will be created. 


If you are not to traditional wedding customs, you will not want a held, white or ivory colored shoe. However, you can go in red shoes, black shoes and pink shoes. Some of these varieties include the sneakers, boots, and slippers. The location may also influence your choice.  A heeled shoe would be excellent for a church wedding while a flat shoe is suitable for a courthouse or registry wedding. You would not want to try to walk with a high heel in beach if your wedding is done in an exotic location. Instead, you would prefer to have a flat sandal or flip-flop. Finally, the bride has to make a choice depending on preferences. Only go for the wedding shoes that makes you complete. Here's a group discussion on how to pick wedding shoes: